Saguaro – More Facts.

I cannot stop talking about this plant. I am in love with it. I love taking pictures of them and read about them. They are impressive:


They make each landscape look exotic and interesting.

IMG_0077 They are tall and handsome.





Today, I would like to write about their fruits. The following pictures come from Google Images. I would not be able to take them because we are never here when Saguaro blooms and has fruit.

Saguaro Facts #5 Saguaro flowers-big, bold, and numerous-bloom in late April, May and June. Each blossom opens in the cool of the night a few hours after the sunset. By the next afternoon, the flower has wilted and the brief period of bloom ended. Imagine, each one of these gorgeous flowers blooms for only several hours, at night.

The spectacle repeats itself night after night for about four weeks until as many as one hundred flowers have appeared on each Saguaro.

Why at night? Because they are pollinated by flying night animals, especially by bats.

In June and July the fruit of the saguaro ripens. The sugary pulp of each fruit contains as many as 2,000 seeds. Many animals and birds feast on the fruit and seeds. They were also very precious for ancient people who lived in this region.

A long stick is needed to reach the fruit.


Local people cooked down saguaro fruit into syrup and made cakes from the dried seed. They made wine from the syrup. In July, after the harvest, they would use the wine for their celebration of fertility. We can easily guess that nine months later, many babies would be born.





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